A Veteran, Welder, Traveler and Life Coach

Owner & Founder

Cameron Kelley, the owner of West Elk Construction LTD, has built a reputation for his dedication and expertise in the welding and fabrication industry since 2010. Simultaneously, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in project management while serving in the Army on Active Duty.

With a background that includes experience ranging from power plant shutdowns and turnarounds to laborer-to-supervisor roles in sawmill and steel mill up-fits, Cameron embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by starting his own companies. Today, Cameron oversees operations for both Palmetto Welding Works on the East Coast and West Elk Construction LTD in Colorado, where he’s involved in high-profile projects and shares his expertise by coaching others. In his limited free time, Cameron indulges in a diverse array of interests, from flying airplanes and building cars and motorcycles to exploring new destinations and enjoying the thrill of hunting.

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